SEM Concrete Placer


SEM Concrete Placer Pumps were first made in South Africa in 1968, to fill the need for a simple, sturdy and economical concrete pump. They are now popular locally and internationally.

SEM Concrete Placer Pumps

  • AMONG MOST VERSATILE and simple pumps available in the construction world
  • LOW CAPITAL COST in comparison to conventional piston driven pumps (Normally 1/8 to 1/10 of the capital cost)
  • SIMPLE, ROBUST DESIGN will stand up to the worst site conditions
  • LOW AIR CONSUMPTION is achieved by the controlled applications of compressed air (when used as a pump)

A number of applications require pumping to place concrete but do not justify the relatively high price of purchasing and running a piston pump.

Applications that require a SEM concrete placer pump:

  • Small quantities of concrete to convey
  • Small quantities / long distances
  • Large number of individual working points
  • Remote sites with minimal workshop facilities

The SEM Placer Pump can do the work at a fraction of the cost of a piston pump!

NO MOVING PARTS in the pump reduce the danger of mechanical breakdown. This means negligible maintenance and minimal spare parts are required.

SEM Concrete Placer Pumps are offered in the following 3 models:

SEM 500 Concrete Placer Pump

500 litre capacity per batch. Maximum output 30 m3/hour.

  • Maximum pumping distance 150 m horizontal or 18 m vertical
  • Mainly used for building and civil works plus large development work in the mines.
  • The SEM 500 is supplied on a fixed stand or on a 2-wheel site trailer
  • This pump is a workhorse that is economical, efficient and easy to clean and maintain

SEM 250 Concrete Placer Pump

250 litre capacity per batch. Maximum output 19 m3/hour.

  • Maximum pumping distance is the same as the SEM 500 (150 m horizontal or 18 m vertical)
  • Compact version of the SEM 500, ideal for use where relatively large outputs are required but where headroom or access is restricted, such as in underground applications or where lower filling height is required
  • The SEM 250 is supplied on a fixed stand or on a 2-wheel site trailer

SEM 100 Concrete Placer Pump

100 litre capacity per batch. Maximum output 6 m3/hour.

  • Maximum pumping distance 100 m horizontal or 18 m vertical.
  • Small wheel-about pump that is ideal for day-to-day underground concrete work in the mines
  • This unit’s small footprint and relatively small mass make it easy to transport in restricted situations

What are SEM Concrete Placer Pumps used for?

Concrete Placer Pumps are principally used for conveying concrete.

They are also used for conveying mortar, mud, sand, cement, tailings and many other types of material.

Depending on the material and the transport distances involved, SEM can be used as a:

  • PUMP: continuous flow in a full pipeline, only interrupted by the filling interval.  Because of the friction and the specific weight of the material to be conveyed this will limit transport distances
  • PNEUMATIC PLACER: plug flow (one or several batches at a time).  This removes the limitations caused by friction and specific weight of the material to be conveyed.  Distances and heights are greatly increased, only limited by practical considerations

NOTE: In the case of concrete, certain adjustments should be made to the mix to enable it to withstand the segregation forces caused by plug flow and high speed.  Distances negotiated successfully to present date are up to 400 m horizontal and up to 600 m down decline shafts, with dips varying between 11 to 45 degrees.

Where are they used?


  • Placing concrete in box fronts, ore passes, dam walls, settlers, foundations, support through bad ground, concrete plugs etc
  • Conveying mud
  • Conveying ore spillage, sand, tailings and similar


  • Placing concrete during restoration or repair of old underground pipelines
  • Placing concrete for plugging up old access ways or pipelines
  • Repair work to marine structures.