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We are part of PMSA®, Africa’s leading and largest manufacturer of concrete equipment and machinery. Our products are strong because they are Built to Last®.

We service and supply the KwaZulu-Natal province with the full range of PMSA concrete equipment. Incredible progress has been made in the building and construction industry since we started in 1968, with a simple SEM Concrete Placer Pump. This was specially developed to suit the civil, building and mining industries in South Africa.

Customers all over Africa now use PMSA concrete brick, block and paving machines to develop new homes and infrastructure. Our strong concrete solutions help build small businesses, large construction companies and concrete product factories.

How Do You Use Concrete In Your Business?

Brick, Block And Paver Making Machinery

If you are making concrete bricks, or involved in the manufacture of concrete products, we offer a wide variety of machinery for small, medium and large businesses. Custom made batching plants are available for large enterprises.

Pan Mixers

If you are building and mixing concrete, we can supply you with a concrete pan mixer. We have a selection of different sizes and types, to suit your building environment.

Pre-Cast Concrete Product Machinery

For the production of concrete roof tiles, our range starts with manual machines producing 500 roof tiles / day and extends to automated plants producing over 60 000 roof tiles / day.

Construction And Civil Concrete Equipment

The right concrete pumping and placement products are important to the success of a project. We offer up-to-date truck mounted concrete pumps, placer pumps and combination concreting units.

How can we help you to speed up concrete production?

Ask us to advise you on the right equipment for your project.

Brick, Block And Paver Making Machinery

Manual DIY & Egglayers for Making Concrete Blocks

Start here if you are interested in DIY moulds or a small machine that makes concrete bricks by hand. We have a variety of moulds and DIY floor laying machines. These make up to 170 – 16 800 bricks per 9 hour shift.

Small Capacity Block Machines

Small businesses use these strong PMSA UNI Machines to produce high-quality bricks, pavers, hollow blocks, decking blocks, retaining wall blocks and garden kerbs. Make 11 200 to 16 800 bricks per 9 hour shift.

Medium Brick and Block Machines

Manufacture 28 000 to 60 000 bricks per 9 hour shift with the VBX or RE600 Block Machines.

Large capacity machines

These high volume machines can produce 108 000 to 198 000 bricks per 9 hour shift. We also offer complete batching plant solutions, specifically designed for your operation.

Pan Mixers

Turbine Pan Mixers

Small, strong Turbine Pan Mixers are suitable for mixing cement and other materials. Dry filling capacity of 100 to 500 litres.

Counter Current Pan Mixers

For medium sized operations, a Counter Current Pan Mixer is popular. Dry filling capacity of 500  litres to 2 000 litres.

Planetary Pan Mixers

Planetary pan mixers have loading capacities to suit both small and large operations, with loading capacities of 375 to 6 000 litres.

Pre-Cast Concrete Product Machinery

Concrete Roof Tile Machinery

Broad range of high quality equipment for the manufacture of concrete roof tiles. Plus curing solutions, batching plants and packaging plants.

Construction And Civil Concrete Equipment

Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

World renowned CIFA Truck Mounted Pumps. Boom lengths from 20 m to 80 m with 4 to 7 boom sections. Maximum concrete output from 60 to 185 m3/h.

Portable Concrete Pumps

CIFA trailer mounted concrete pumps. Pumping capacities from 30 to 90 m3/h with either low or high-pressure options.

Concrete Placer Pumps

SEM Concrete Placer Pumps for placing concrete and other materials in pipelines, mines and difficult site conditions. Simple and economical concrete pump.

Concreting Units

Concrete Placer Units combine a concrete mixer and pump together in one compact unit. Ideal for guniting, shotcreting and underground placing.

Guniting Machines

Rockcrete machines using shotcrete technology, mainly used for tunneling and mining.

Grouting Pumps

We supply a range of economical concrete grout pumps. Portable and handy for small grouting jobs.

Not sure where to start?

Project References

Construction of Road Bridge at Bobonong, Botswana

The contract involved the construction of Botswana’s largest bridge.

We supplied a SEM 500 Concrete Placer Pump with accessories.
The pumping involved no special records in distance or height or output. But this was a typical SEM application – the Contractor selecting an affordable tool that suited the medium-sized contract in a remote area – a tool that performed without breakdowns and which gave concrete placing costs that made a profit.

Construction of Underground Pump Station at Blyvooruitsicht Gold Mine, South Africa

For mining reasons it was found necessary to re-site the underground pumping station at No. 4 shaft. The projected amount of concrete to be placed was close to 6000 mł.

The mine purchased a SEM 200/100 Concreting Unit to do the concrete mixing and placing. In the words of the Foreman / Fitter in the Engineering Department:

“We have to date mixed and pumped concrete with the SEM Unit for approximately 2 500 hours with an average output of 2 mł per hour. We have pumped the concrete into all our new settlers, dam walls and pump foundations over distances up to 100m. A lot of the pumping took place downhill, which compared with horizontal pumping, can be problematic, unless you know what you are doing.”

He further adds: “On the next job I definitely will have the SEM 200/100 Concreting Unit along. It is now hard to visualize doing the concrete work without it”.