Concrete Roof Tile


We supply ABECE Concrete Roof Tile Machinery. Our broad range of high quality, low maintenance equipment ranges from manual machines producing 500 roof tiles per day, to fully automated plants producing over 60 000 roof tiles per day.

We offer a wide range of concrete roof and trim tile profiles manufactured on either aluminium or steel production pallets.

Plant concepts for making concrete roof tiles:

  • Small-capacity range (SPS) for production from 500 to 10 000 tiles per 9-hour shift.
  • Medium-capacity range (SPM) for production from 10 000 to 30 000 tiles per 9-hour shift.
  • Large-capacity range (SPL) for production from 30 000 to over 60 000 tiles per 9-hour shift.

Concrete roof tiles have numerous benefits:

  • Flexibility of applications: Concrete roof tiles are suitable for a vast range of building types, from low-cost and affordable housing developments to high-end homes and businesses
  • Design: Concrete roof tiles are attractive and can be manufactured in a range of designs
  • Colour: A large choice of colours and finishes are available in through-colour or coated
  • Thermal properties: Concrete roof tiles have good thermal properties, providing a cooler living environment
  • Noise reduction: Concrete roof tiles minimise noise
  • Durability: Concrete roof tiles last for decades
  • Hardness: The density of the roof tile surface makes it impermeable
  • Surface coating: Coated roof tiles prevent the growth of algae, fungus and moss
  • Easy to replace: Damaged roof tiles can be replaced easily and quickly
  • UV-resistance: Concrete roof tiles are UV-resistant

We’re here to help you!

We do machinery upgrades, spare parts, service and support.

Our concrete roof tile plants are available with various options:

1. Curing solutions

PMSA supplies concrete curing solutions for all capacities of concrete roof tile production plants. Curing solutions control relative humidity (moisture) and temperature within the curing chambers, creating optimal curing conditions and maximum strength gain, while minimising cement usage and breakages of concrete roof tiles.

2. Batching plants

PMSA supplies full, custom-designed batching plants suited specifically for client and plant requirements, which may include:

  • Screening of aggregates
  • Weighing and batching of materials
  • Mixing of concrete
  • Transportation of wet concrete to concrete extrusion machinery

3. Packaging plants

PMSA’s packaging system range is extensive and adapted to suit various applications and production capacities. PMSA offers solutions with the following configurations:

  • Packing with or without wooden delivery pallets
  • Strapping of small packs (4 to 10) roof tiles
  • Strapping or shrink wrapping of large packs (40 roof tiles)
  • Spin wrapping or shrink wrapping of an entire pallet load
  • Horizontal or vertical packing (resting on long side or on nail-hole end)
  • Flexible numbers of layers
  • Robotic packing systems are available on the (SPM) medium and (SPL) large range plants for automated packing, higher productivity and less breakages than hand packing